New Facebook Profile Pages: Privacy Settings! BE AWARE!! 

Facebook has started rolling out new look profile pages for everyone.  The new look is a lot more user friendly which has long been one of our bug-bears about Facebook, and promises a better overall experience of the site.

However, once again Privacy Settings raise an issue.  There has always been an issue with Facebook and have featured in the media on numerous occasions, and we diarise to check our settings monthly, and advise all we come into contact with to do the same.

So what’s the issue with the new Profile Pages?

BE AWARE: If you choose to update, and move to the new look page, Facebook have stated that your Privacy Settings have not been affected…but they have!!!

Here’s a quick guide as to how to ensure your Privacy Settings are set as YOU would like them to be:

Firstly click on ‘Privacy Settings’ in the drop down menu   in ‘Account’.   



Next click on ‘Customise Settings’(as pictured).

Next go through and ensure ALL settings are set to your desired setting by using the drop down menus next to each area.

The most important factor is to click on ‘Edit album privacy for existing photos’  

You will now have the option to ensure all of your albums are set to the desired level of privacy.

Hope this post has proven useful!