Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg launches ‘next generation messaging system’ 

Having one platform that gathers, manages, exhibits and becomes your communication cockpit?!!!

Promising to give you the choice and control of receiving messaging from across current messaging systems…SMS, Email, Instant messaging etc.  into one place, being able to track, group messaging from across the variety of messaging systems…

Would that help?



It sounds good.  I know when I’ve sent an email from the office in the morning then sent an sms to the same individual during the day followed by an instant message.  It’s been a nightmare to track the whole conversation flow, at the end of the day, without bouncing between the platforms or cut and paste this and that; and at the end of the week this problem has been multiplied times ten!   Help!!!

I know that I’m not the only one who’s had this problem so when someone offers a potential solution to my dilemma, I say give the guy a chance…lets listern to what he has to say; this next generation messaging system could be a reality for all, next year!