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    Etiquette is Etiquette! 

    Etiquette is Etiquette whether it’s on a social platform or physically meeting up with people . Good ‘real world’ networking etiquette should be exercised on social media platforms, more so on LinkedIn which is predominantly a professional’s site so behaving professionally should come as easy as falling off a log.

    Simply, social media should be seen as a event that you are attending and like any event there will be people gathered in a number of separate groups having a variety of conversations; as you pass them something engages you and you stop to have a conversation. Some conversations continue after and outside the event, some individuals are interesting enough to exchange cards with and look forward to meeting at another event while others fall by the wayside.

    Don’t be the obnoxious oaf who just interrupts rudely, feigns interest, throws their card at you and is gone.

    Have you any nightmare stories to share??

    I’ve had a few over the years. I’ve had the obnoxious oaf at physical networking sessions and increasingly this has also happened on LinkedIn. People who I don’t know have just wanted to connect, out of the blue, so that they can blatantly sell their wares, throw their card at me!

    So what do I do when someone, whom I don’t know tries to connect…I send them a message politely asking them how we know each other, where we met, as  I have a policy to only connect with people whom I know, have done work with or am doing work with. This tends to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    Colleagues who use the same approach as me say it works extremely well for them.

    But what if you want to connect with someone who’s a second or third level connection but falls out of your own policy, perhaps someone you want to do business with or connect for Brand alliance / association or even because this person is a thought leader in your field…then what should you do?

    Well LinkedIn is great for this, see how you connect and work through the people whom connect you to the 2nd – 3rd level contact. Pick up the phone and ask if they can introduce you. Try to remember ‘what’s in it’ for the person you want to connect with you when you are making this phone call.

    Please share your experiences, what works for you?  How do you deal with these individuals?

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    Harder working employees? 

    Our staff are probably one of our most valuable business assets that we have but then also, one of the most expensive. So it’s not surprising that in these challenging times businesses have reacted by cutting these costs, to preserve themselves.

    Some have gone on a culling spree, laying off staff whilst others have cut staff pay. There have even been those who’ve fired staff and cut the pay of their remaining staff. I’ve not heard of any that have raised their staff salaries as part of this mix, in an effort to make them work harder, become more productive for the business.

    An interesting article by Ray Fisman, professor at the Columbia Business School, ‘Raises don’t make employees work harder’ looks at, if pay rises increase staff productivity, but I’m interested in what your experience is, how do you leverage your most expensive asset, especially in these times?

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    Unhappy at work – but have no plans to change job 

    A recent survey, conducted by Accenture of 3,400 employees across 29 countries showed the startling amount of dissatisfaction employee’s feel at work.

    Although a feeling of underpay was one of the factors causing this unhappiness there were a myriad of other factors which had nothing to do with money and which could be alleviated if only we started to communicate better with our employees, made them feel valued, showed them a future of where the Company is going and how they are an integral part of that vision. Connection and Motivation!

    The survey found that whilst 43% of women and 42% of men of all respondents were unsatisfied with their current jobs, 70% of women and 69% of men would remain with their current employers doing their existing jobs.  The question that plays about in my mind is; How effective are these employee if this is the way that they are feeling?

    How do you know that your employees are not feeling this way? What can you do? please comment. What are your thoughts?


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    Where’s the revolution? 

    So if the ‘Facebook revolution’ has the power to change the political landscape of the world, what impact will it have on private equity?

    Tyrannical regimes that once saw people as flies to be swatted into the dust of history have had to bow down in front of the might of numbers swelling up against them. Do you need to rethink your business strategies to understand exactly where your power base needs to be positioned, to plot a course that can read the maps of the new terrain…?

    So you are the grand poobah of all you see, you’ve worked hard and long to get to where you are, taken your organisation on a journey along a path that, although challenging at times, you’ve been able to understand the mechanics at play; you’ve been able to identify stakeholders and probably labelled them as ‘Key Stakeholders’ when determining your strategies.

    You’ve labelled them as ‘key’ because of the power that they have held over the successes of your future  so how do you identify your ‘key stakeholders’ today when the isolated voice of yesterday, today, has the power to gain momentum against your plans for tomorrow.

    How does you’re business incorporate all the best that Social Media has to offer whilst mitigating the vulnerabilities? Not by bolting on Social media as a fashion accessory but as a medium to listen, engage and define the future sustainability of your being…? I would really welcome your feedback and thoughts, thanks.

    My train of thought for this blog came from Carlyle Rubenstein’s article in a New York Times publication.


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    Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg launches ‘next generation messaging system’ 

    Having one platform that gathers, manages, exhibits and becomes your communication cockpit?!!!

    Promising to give you the choice and control of receiving messaging from across current messaging systems…SMS, Email, Instant messaging etc.  into one place, being able to track, group messaging from across the variety of messaging systems…

    Would that help?



    It sounds good.  I know when I’ve sent an email from the office in the morning then sent an sms to the same individual during the day followed by an instant message.  It’s been a nightmare to track the whole conversation flow, at the end of the day, without bouncing between the platforms or cut and paste this and that; and at the end of the week this problem has been multiplied times ten!   Help!!!

    I know that I’m not the only one who’s had this problem so when someone offers a potential solution to my dilemma, I say give the guy a chance…lets listern to what he has to say; this next generation messaging system could be a reality for all, next year!



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    Are you missing the Social Media Boat? 

    Traditionally you’ve only shown the world your business face, a face that you’ve taken time and effort to prepare. The make up’s been applied and possibly some airbrushing has taken place before you’ve taken that picture to be displayed on your company web site.

    Today just your face isn’t good enough; the world wants to see behind the gloss, they want to get to know the real you they want to hear your beating heart and see your soul and with the advent of social media they can because even if you’re not opening yourself up, someone else most probably is; it may be a competitor or a disgruntled ex-customer or it could be an ex-employee, business partner etc. etc…So…what do you do?

    Are you ready to allow that level of intimacy? Where do you begin?

    Well hopefully not like some people that I met while in Spain, earlier on this month. The beginning of the month saw a big leisure industry conference on the Costa del Sol.  Now normally I wouldn’t have gone but on its second day an industry speaker was going to be talking about ‘Social Networks’ – …how can the industry tap into social media opportunities…

    So I had to go; the conference candidates recognised that Social Media offered a great deal of opportunities to their industry and I did hear of some good use of the platforms but overall it left me feeling…this is what came to my mind:-

    Go back before the advent of television, when radio was king. You turned on the radio and heard a company’s jingle selling you soap…

    The television comes along and the same company thinks great! and puts the same advert on TV, exactly the same…purely audio.

    Would you say that this soap company had missed the true potential of the extra benefits that television could deliver?

    It’s just the way I felt, at the conference, when I heard that a slick video from the leisure resort would be more powerful than a grainy video uploaded by a customer complimenting the said leisure resort…someone was missing the boat!

    The only benefit that this decision offered was to reduce the cost of pushing information out.

    The true potential of social media remains its’ power to engage audiences and have the audience exhibit your wares.  The ability to engage with the outside world in real time two way communication and use this knowledge to deliver customer experiences that are not what the customer wanted but what the customer is wanting now! (Not an exhaustive list).

    Business:   ‘So Mr. X, here is my product, based on expensive research done 12 months ago that was defined through a marketing strategy six months ago which resulted in this product at the a price that was set at…’

    Mr.X:        ‘My preferences changed three months ago…shame your expensive research wasn’t done then…’

    So my question is…

    Are you missing the Social Media Boat?!


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