What’s the use of using LinkedIn’s ‘Company Follow’ feature?

That’s a question I was recently asked when people saw my status update on LinkedIn  recently and the fact that I was following certain companies/organisations.   When I was working in recruitment, this would have been a fantastic feature for me!

When you follow a Company, you can be notified when:

  • Employees join, leave or are promoted
  • There are new job opportunities
  • the Company Profile has been changed

When could this be interesting?

1) If you are in sales or purchasing, you might like to be informed if your contact person changes position or leaves the company. You can then ask to be introduced to the person who gets their previous job so you can continue to easily work together.

2) If you are in sales and it was not possible to do business with a company because of a certain person, you might have a new chance when that person changes position or leaves the organization.

3) If you are looking for a new job, you can be informed when your favourite organizations posts a job.

4) You can receive timely client/potential client updates as they happen rather than hearing about them well after the event…

And the list could go on…

How to set this up?

1) Go to More > Companies

2) Type the company or organization you are interested in

3) On the Company Profile Page you see “Follow company”. Click it.

4) Now you see “Stop following” and a small arrow. Click that arrow and choose “Notification Settings”.

5) Fine tune which updates you want (see the 3 options already mentioned in the beginning of this post) and how you want them delivered (via “Network Updates” and/or via daily or weekly email).

This is a very nifty and relatively recent upgrade to LinkedIn’s Company feature, and if you look at LinkedIn’s own company profile, you will see what other upgrades and modifications will be coming soon to the mainstream.